Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knowing More Than I Should

So, I'm discussing world events with SB and I am laughing about being the first at the Castle to give the Zoomies a "Bravo Zulu"...don't they have their own groupies...I'm a Navy girl. He says to me "Yeah, Somalia....that wasn't supposed to get out." LOL So I didn't tell him I knew about this.

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FbL said...

Yeah, things like that probably aren't supposed to be public knowledge. But you have to admit that it comes as a surprise to no one--classic case of Special Ops working with locals (in this case, the Ethiopians); if they weren't doing it, I'd be disappointed. But it's nice to know that good things are happening in other places at the same time our own people are trying to undercut us in Iraq. :)