Saturday, May 06, 2006

Tom & Cinco de Mayo

Last night the oldest son celebrated Cinco de Mayo and capped it off with a 3 am phone call to his mother!!!!! WTF! He was on the phone for an hour! But damnit, that kid is funny! I was in stiches once I was awake enough to comprehend what he was saying. He has always had a great ear for accents and mimics them so well. He tells me stories switching between voices and personalities.....he is such a riot.

Then today I was reading some stuff over at Murdoc Online(I saw him at the Milbloggers Conference, but didn't get to talk to him) and followed a link to a commenter....then a link off of that guy's blogroll (I have to get one of those) and wound up at this guy....the Dude Abides. Reading his posts is just like talking to Tom. I've already sent Tom the link. A geography buff like Tom, who was a finalist in the Massachusetts Geography Bee two years running and a Big Lebowski fan. Funny guy.


jarhead john said...

For some strange reason, I have no desire to celebrate the 5th of May. Oh well; I guess I'm just a party pooper (or a simple American).

BostonMaggie said...

Tom is 24 and single.....he would celebrate the opening of an envelope if you served beer.

Little cranky after that long plane ride back to the "land of the rising sun" baby?

Or still just bummin' cause you didn't get to meet me!

jarhead john said...

A little cranky? That's actually a bit of an understatement. Here I sit after waking up at 3am. This 13 hour time change is a royal pain in the butt.