Monday, May 15, 2006


I don't actually see the problem with this. This is just how we keep the gene pool clean. A good filter if you will...............

Report: 48 Million Refuse to Buckle Up

"About 48 million people do not regularly put on seat belts when they are on the road, a figure the government's highway safety agency hopes to lower with an annual public education campaign ahead of the summer driving season."

If those 48 million aren't bright enough to save there own lives....why am I worried? Don't get me wrong, people should be made to strap in children. They should be protected. But adults? Please!

"Those who still don't buckle up need to know that police officers will be aggressively enforcing seat belt laws throughout the country and that violators will be ticketed," said Phil Haseltine, executive director of the National Safety Council's Air Bag & Seat Belt Safety Campaign."

I can think of lots of other places I want the attention of these officers focused.

(No, no, I didn't mean on me...........although that's not a bad thing.)


jarhead john said...

Excellent point. It would weed out many of the idiots that infest our ranks.

Sarabeth said...

Now if only those idiots who don't buckle up and manage not to die in a crash wouldn't use the health care system when they do get hurt in a smash up.