Wednesday, May 31, 2006


On May 31st, 1678, the Godiva procession through Coventry began.

Godiva (sometimes Godgifu) (c. 980 – September 10, 1067) was an Anglo-Saxon lady, who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in England in order to gain a remission of the oppressive toll imposed by her husband on his tenants.

You can't be surprised that I like this story! Also, for the record.......not all that impressed with the chocolate - Hershey's is better.


AFSister said...


Hershey's is NASTY compared to Godiva. OMG... I *heart* Godiva chocolate- esp. the ones with hazelnut in them. Hazelnuts, hazelnut creme, hazelnut nougat- all of it.
This has to be the most controversial post you've ever put up, Maggie. Hershey vs. Godiva.... INDEED!

(damn you woman for making me crave chocolate!)

FbL said...

What AFSIS said.

BostonMaggie said...

Dbie...what are you going to do when they haul out the choklit gun.

FbL - I know men.....I know chocolate. I prefer foofoo crap. Hersheys is the "great American chocolate bar"!!!!

FbL said...

Hersheys is the "great American chocolate bar"!!!!

Doesn't say much for the state of American chocolate, does it? Fortunately the state of American men does not suffer as much in the area of quality. :D