Thursday, May 04, 2006

Matt Sherman

Last year I found a blog by Matt Sherman. **Warning - this is a slow loading blog, lot's of pics.** He doesn't blog anymore, although he should. So we email back and forth once in a while. He always has something interesting to say. Tomorrow he will be on C-Span with Brian Lamb (the sexiest man on TV). Matt will be discussing Iraq, militias and his op-ed which appeared in the New York Times on March 8, 2006.

March 8, 2006
Op-Ed Contributor
Iraq's Little Armies

WHILE the violence that followed the bombing of the Golden Mosque at Samarra in Iraq last month has abated, the larger problem it exposed continues: ever since Saddam Hussein fell, armed militias have roamed the country dispensing justice and retribution to other ethnic and religious groups as they see fit. Ideally, not only can the government and its American supporters stop this vigilantism, but they can also channel it into a productive role within the legitimate security services of the fledgling state.
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Matt spent two years in Baghdad as the American policy adviser to Iraq's Interior Ministry. Recently, he was a monitor during the Ukrainian elections.

Now mind you, I'm not saying Matt's brilliant or anything........ When I was preparing to head down in DC for the Milbloggers Conference, I sent him an email. It contained my complete schedule, where I was staying and my cell. Matt misplaced my email. He missed the chance to meet me! Poor Matt! I know you all feel terrible for him and extend your sympathies. However, JHJ isn't much better and I was well entertained in D.C.!!!!


Gary said...

the lengths I go to..... just as I promised you today, I left a comment.... now you have sucked me into you dark and scarey BlogWorld!! If I get lost in here, promise you will come save me!!

BostonMaggie said...

Of course, I will take care of you!

However, I think you are not as innocent as you make out.

Gary said...

Of course I am innocent... At least until you can prove me guilty. But you may need to plant some evidence on me first!