Friday, May 05, 2006

The Big Dig

I don't say much about this because I never expected it to go well, but I also didn't see an alternative. However, Tom Reilly's statements have me really steamed. U.S. Attorney, Mike Sullivan (who is a great guy, former DA in Plymouth County) has indicted some guys from Aggregate Industries NE, Inc., because of problems with the concrete they supplied for the Big Dig. The three basic charges are that concrete delivered was older than 90 minutes (the required industry standard ), it was sometimes mixed with old concrete (not allowed) and sometimes double billed (do I need to say something on this?). The Liberty tunnel has something like 5,000 leaks, faults, cracks, etc. Tom Reilly, Massachusetts Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate, said these things didn't necessarily cause problems. Why even say that? He was supposed to be investigating and getting money back. It took Sullivan to get this done. Good job, Mike. Reilly's an idiot. This would be like sitting in a pizza parlor, and finding out that your cook didn't wash his hands, the owner used cheese a little out of date and the waitress charged you twice for the pizza. Then, along comes Reilly and says...........but you didn't get sick did you?

Of course Reilly is there for every photo op. Riding Sullivan's success. Pathetic.

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