Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Radio al-Mahaba

Iraq's radio station for women was profiled today on NPR's Morning Edition. Very interesting story. This is the link which gives a brief synopsis and a link to the audio. One of those good stories out of Iraq that is a beacon in the wilderness of mainstream media coverage of Iraq. These women are learning how to network and help each other. Not to be snippy, but it also details a problem they are having over a damaged transmitter. How come there's no help from feminists in America? Where are the women of NOW, and other organizations like that? These women are our *sistas* ladies. They are learning how to come together and battle domestic violence, to create support groups. Oh well, just like their silence on the Taliban's treatment of women, feminist manifestos don't apply in Islamic countries where the US is fighting for democracy. (Do I sound bitter? LOL) Even so, it's a great story and if you have a sec, you should pop over and listen. It is amazing to me to see how Iraqis are growing and enjoying their freedom.

Kat over at The Middle Ground has a touching but bittersweet story about U.S. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Fralish. You should read that as well. If you are so moved there is a guest book at Legacy where you can leave condolences.

Don't you love how I order you people around? LOL I think the Princess Crabby thing has gone to my head.


Gunny John said...

Amazing. Women are actually exercising rights in Iraq? But, but, but, the mainstream media says that it's nothing but doom and gloom in Iraq!

BostonMaggie said...

Hmmmm, sarcasm from you? Who would have imagined that?