Friday, February 22, 2008

You're Welcome

HMS Campbeltown is featured on a little CNN video which you can watch here. The video is titled "Royal Navy resumes patrols" and lasts 2 minutes and 34 seconds. I could not figure out how to download it, so I couldn't embed it here.

The British Royal Navy resumes patrols near Iran with beefed up security and new tactics to protect crews. From ITN.

CNN's story (via ITN) is about the HMS Campbelltown, presently in the Gulf. Campbeltown is boarding vessels in that part of the Gulf near Iran where the HMS Cornwall's sailors were scooped up last year by the IRGC. The interviewer talks to a Royal Navy Captain who says they want to put it behind them and things are different now.

Why are things different?

How did they beef up security?

What new tactics protect the crews?

Why are these British Sailors and Marines safer?

Well watch the video and see who pops up at 1:25.

Princess Crabby smiles benevolently from BOSTON and says "You're Welcome!" Nothing says "I love an IBU!"

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