Friday, February 29, 2008

Are You Having A Good Friday?

I am!

The favorite Naval consort was someplace where a private conversation could be held, mmmmmmmmmm!

Now I am getting ready to head up to my parents where all the women in my family, mother, sisters, nieces, (although my goddaughter has a dance to go to) and I will play cards and hang out. My father will pretend to object and be put out, but I bet he's been shopping for our favorite snacks.
OK, change of plans. Grace doesn't feel well and Jen is stuck at work. So I am at work, lol. I called my nieces and told them to email me schedules so we can pick another night.

I'm bummed, however, I still get to call the Gulf at 2130 and give someone a wake up call,'s all good!
Have a great night, I know I will!

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