Thursday, February 28, 2008

How Big Is My Head!!!!!!

Sitemeter logged 307 visitors. Holy crap! My average is like, 80. Last time something like this happened was when I was picked up by Stand-To (it was one of my stalk-MG-Rick_Lynch posts, shhhh).

Started the day with a link from the Castle in the H&I Fires for this.

Then it was my pub crawlin' home girl, AWTM for this.

AWTM fired off a link to Matt @ Blackfive who linked with the words "...the most excellent Boston Maggie"!! I love you too, baby!

Then there were some more of AWTM's friends here and here.

Finally Wonkosphere for this post.

I am going to have turn sideways in doorways to fit my swelled head through.

Don't worry, my sister told me in email to unswell my head or she'd do it for me. After all, you people are just my imaginary friends according to both my sisters and my mother.


SK said...

Aw c'mon! Some of us always knew you were a star : )

Army Wife said...

If I am imaginary....

wow, that leaves a lot of options open...