Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ash Wednesday

For the second morning in a row, I got up at 0500 hours (ok well, closer to 0530 since I hit the snooze alarm at least twice, if not three times). Cripes! It hurts! LOL I tried to creep through the house in the dark so as not to wake anyone else and have the bruise on my left thigh to prove it. I wanted to leave by 0600 and it was pretty close. Heavy traffic on the Artery that cleared after the Pike/Airport people exited made for some anxiety. However, I think if God knows you are headed to Mass he makes some things break your way. Indeed, I walked in with two minutes to spare. On time is all that matters, not how close it is. My childhood friend Kathy came in with her son and sat beside me. The bells chimed and Father Mahoney came out to the altar. Kathy elbowed me with a smirk. The picture was complete.

My forehead is dirty.

I made it to my car by 0757 and did NOT get a ticket from the metermaid (permit only parking 8 am to 8 pm on Bunker)

I have tuna for lunch.

I made it to the dump on my way to work and cleared out the car.

I made my mortgage payment over the phone (yes I was late, I'm late for everything but SB and Mass).

I made it to work by 0900.

I have an appointment this evening to see the PT to be evaluated for my achilles tendonitis.

Life is good.

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