Thursday, February 14, 2008

Incredibly, I Was Still Late

Last night we had plans to celebrate my mother's 70th birthday. My father told her that it would be just her children but he had actually invited her brothers and their spouses as well. I make every effort to be punctual for my father. It matters to him, so it matters to me.

I scheduled my hair appointment for 2 pm. After all when I leave Utopia Place, it's the best I'm going to look all month. I was early for that appointment and had a relaxing time, drinking tea and reading "The Pentagon's New Map".

I left and popped into my usual place for a manicure at 4:15. Then it was back to work to check for word from SB at 5:15. The plan was to be in the parking lot of Jen's work at 6:30 pm in order to be at Venezia by 7.

So far, so good.

Then I see the email from Jen. I have to go to her house to get the camera. OK, I am running early enough. Then Frankie calls, he is in Abington and lost, am I on a computer? We get Frank settled. I drive to Jen's, very slow going in the rain. Then I go to Jen's work. We drive as quickly as the weather will allow.

We get to Venezia - last - at 7:25.

It's just not fair.

However, it was a fabulous night. My mother was very happy with the surprise appearance of the brothers and sisters-in-law.

My mother's brother Frank (yes, not just my son, not just my father, not just my brother, not just my nephew.........also my uncle, his son and his grandson) who turned 70 a few years ago was teasing my mother. How could she be 70? He was not that old? Then he turned serious for a moment and said "You know, we are very lucky." Everyone yelled that he was jinxing them. But I said "He's right. We aren't just lucky because of your age. We're lucky to have this and each other."

We are very lucky.

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