Friday, February 29, 2008

The Prince Harry Rollercoaster

Welcome aboard!
Going up the first small hill - Prince Harry is set to deploy to Iraq with his men.
Crest the hill and plummet down - No, the powers that be say no.
Up we go again - Harry made in theater!
Oh, down to the depths - Harry has to be pulled out - thanks to Matt Drudge blowing his cover.
The Armorer is none too pleased.
CDR Salamandar covers it here.


Myk said...

Thats a stand up guy right there. Million other things he could be doing or rather, not doing. Gotta be the Diana part of him.

Teresa said...

I've not been a Drudge fan ever, but this is just beyond bad. I won't be hitting up any links to his site anymore.

What a jerk - and there was no reason other than to "break" a story. Which did what? Gave the Taliban a reason to go after British troops there and did NOTHING else. It didn't forward any good mission, it didn't do anything except cause trouble.

It's not like Drudge brought about some great story or major information that would change the course of the war. Nope - now he's sunk to the level of paparazzi. What a low-life.