Friday, April 07, 2006

Zacarias Moussaoui

The defense presented for this piece of trash actually includes the usual baloney about an abusive father. Who is thinking this will actually sway the jury?

This story at CNN lets us know about poor Zacarias - "Vogelsang will testify that Moussaoui's father was "a violent alcoholic" who didn't care about his children, according to an outline of the the social worker's testimony. After the family moved to France, Moussaoui lived in and out of orphanages for five years, then left home for good as an adolescent."

NPR's Morning Edition has two excellent stories about the trial. The audio is available in parts at 0830 an in it's entirity at 1200 (EST) One of the segments is a guy named Peterson (sp?) who lost his father and stepmother on Flight 93 which crashed in Shanksville. He talked so calmly and was so articulate when he spoke of listening to the tapes the government provided. He didn't lose it when discussing the tapes, his reaction, the reactions of other family members listening. But what you could hear in his voice and the one long pause was so moving. I think the interviewer tried just a little to shake him when discussing execution. But the guy wouldn't bite.

This is a direct link to his story.

Can you imagine the nuttiness that would come out of my evil little mouth under those circumstances?

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