Thursday, April 20, 2006

Milblogging Conference

I leave tonight for DC and will likely be offline until Monday. If you will need me this weekend or you will be at the conference, email me before 1700 EST today for my cell phone number.

So far the plan is to arrive in DC sometime Friday morning (I am driving). I will poke around DC until I check into my hotel. At 1830 I will be at Walter Reed for the counter protest. Dinner at Fran O'Briens, although it sounds as though so many people are going I may be lucky to get inside. The conference itself is Saturday. I will just be going with the flow Saturday night. I will leave sometime Sunday.

If you are not going to DC, your assignment is to miss me while I'm gone.


FbL said...

See you soon! I hope to be at the WR counter-protest too, but since I arrive in the middle of rush hour, we'll be cutting it close. Catch you Fran O'Brien's, then! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Sarabeth said...

Have a good time in DC.

And, about my comment on Jarhead John's place--I didn't find them to be defensive at all. And, you are right, if my four year old said, Timmy said that too, then I would explain to her that it isn't okay because someone else said it. I was providing balance to what Jarhead had said.

I would never consider myself a liberal. I sit the fence on many, many issues. I just don't write about a lot of political issues because people attack the person stating the issue, not the issue itself.

jarhead john said...

Have a great time at the conference. I wish I could stop in.

sarabeth: I really don't care what folks say if they're just commenting. If it gets down to the childish level of personal attacks, then I care (the delete and ban function come in handy at that point). Granted, calling someone a liberal can be construed as a personal attack, but that depends on who's doing the calling, and who's being called one. Just my two cents' worth.