Sunday, April 30, 2006

Disco Bus - The Morning After

I will have to b e brief otherwise I will be late for Father Mahoney's Jubilee Mass. The Disco bus was HUGE fun. Loud vintage, disco music, bubble machine, people I hadn't seen in ages and a crazy scavenger hunt.

I thought it would end at 10.....home by 11.....asleep shortly therafter to look rested for Mass.


Left the city at 11, home 40 minutes later (not my usual 32 because I was on the mind you). On the phone with SouthieBoy for 80 minutes, 40 in the car 40 in bed. Phone call at 1:30 am.........police........great!.....Frank and Bill totalled Toni's car. They are OK, but need a ride. I get up get dressed and head for the door when the cop calls back. He's decided to drive them home. Back to sleep......alarm at 0615 to wake up SouthieBoy (I am better than an alarm clock.)Back to sleep for two more hours.

How many hours of sleep is that? Not enough. I am 45 and look every minute of it.


Gunny John said...

That's what you get for your evil immoral behavior!! Bubble machine? Could lead to dancing! lol

Get some rest keep posting.



BostonMaggie said...

John - You are jealous!