Tuesday, April 04, 2006


The Red Sox won yesterday afternoon.

Tonight's lecture is sponsored by the Bostonian Society and the Lowell Institute at the Old State House. Tom O'Connor will be discussing his book "The Athens of America"

Then I should go to the gym...............but it may be dinner with Trish and Bette.

I am a bad girl. Pass the M&Ms.


Dearest Mr. Wilson - it is "plain". Not "Original". Not "Milk Chocolate". But "plain". Please get you M&M facts straight.


JGRWilson said...

Original or peanut?

Anonymous said...

And then last night came the first hill of a promising roller coaster season. If Wakefield and his catcher can't get more together than what they showed last night, one or both will be gone. Does anyone have Doug Mirabelli's phone number?
The answer to your question is yes.

jarhead john said...

I'm hopelessly addicted to the peanut variety.....

BostonMaggie said...

Well.....there you go, that's why we get along! i never have to worry about you filching any of mine.