Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So Far, So Good

I got a manicure. I gassed up the car, checked the tires, checked the oil, added the fuel cleaner. I am good to go. I used my $50 Expedia Goodwill coupon, so my room is only $7.80. Please, please let it be one of the new rooms with the jacuzzi. I am so beat from yoga. I would kill for one of the renovated rooms. The hotel has Tempurpedic mattresses and they are really comfortable. I will still be good, I have low-carb chocolate in my bag. I am also going to crack open Richard Miniter's "Disinformation".

Now I just need the rest of the day to fall into place; 5 pm hair coloring (I am old right now and will be young again in 6 hours); pick up someone's gift at my house (if the package arrives per UPS' promise); head south (driving carefully and not speeding); and someone retains the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Even if there is no jacuzzi..............a long soak will be fabulous. Tonight's scent -

Bath & Body Works
Comfort Vanilla Milk

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