Saturday, February 18, 2006

My necklace

I got my Claddagh necklace back from the jewelers. I'm not one much for jewelry, but I wear this necklace from my father all the time. My favorite story about my necklace was when SouthieBoy came back from an overseas deployment. The first time we saw each other, after a few minutes, he focused on the necklace. He asked where it came from. I smiled an evil little smile and told him "A man who loves me very much went to Ireland and brought it back for me. He knows me very well and knew I would love this necklace. He wanted me to know how much he cared for me and missed me." Then I waited for a reaction. But SouthieBoy also knows me very well. He just smiled that smug, superior, infuriating smile of his..............and asked "So baby, how did your Dad like Ireland?"

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