Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Long Night

I have a friend who is self employed, a jack of all trades and has law enforcement connections up the wazoo. It has come in handy to be his friend on many occasions. He called me yesterday to say he would be dropping off diesel (which he buys deeply discounted and will work the same as home heating oil) for me. In New England this is huge! So, I wait as long as I can in the evening for him, but finally I carry on with my plans and go to dinner. At 2300 hours he calls, I missed it, he left voice mail. I assume he's calling to apologize for missing me. When I am leaving Boston at 0030, I call him. He asks where I am and can he follow me home and take care of the fuel then. LOL. OK, fine. He delivers 100 gallons of fuel, puts 6 gallons of gas in my car and tada! gets the stupid slim jim ( ) out of my car in two minutes flat! How happy am I? When we're all set and he's ready to leave, we are both exhausted, what do I do? Come on, guess. Yes, that's right I lock my keys in my car! He gets the tools back out and opens the car again. He told me that I was lucky because he was too tired to slap me.

Thanks Michael.

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