Friday, October 09, 2009


Obama won the Peace Prize for his goals???? Jen is texting me - "I have goals!" Schippert says "Yep. Because good intentions pave the way, dear..."

I know that more years than not I am screaming about this, but this is a new low.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Hey, it could be worse, Maggie. They gave one to Yassar Arafat, remember? It's a "political" award, essentially.

Boquisucio said...

I wonder... Could this be an attempt by the Noble Committee to preempt Bammy from beefing-up our efforts in Afghanistan...

Or spanking Iran for that matter?

Mary said...

Let's see:
No decision of Afghanistan leading to strained resources and unnecessay casualites: very peaceful
Blowing off the Dalai Lama as a nod to China: very peaceful

Don't you actually have to DO something to win this award.

wolfwalker said...

I stopped paying any attention to the Nobel Peace Prize the year they gave it to an avowed terrorist.

However, I suspect Boquisucio is right: it's as much an attempt to hog-tie Barry Lackwit on Iran and Afghanistan as it is anything else. Nobel prizes can be revoked, IIRC, and Lackwit's ego is such that he couldn't bear to have that happen to him. All the committee has to do in future is make vague noises about revocation, and Lackwit will leap to do their bidding. If that means betraying his country and the soldiers who he commands, he won't care.

Anonymous said...

And the nominations need to be in by February. He was in office 2 weeks at that point. The Peace Prize is given by a Norweign committee. Norweigns are Socialists, does that explain anything.

ChrisCicc said...

Let the 95% of the world that lives on hope keep living on hope. Leaves more for the rest of us to earn.

Stella by Starlight said...

I don't think so, Boquisucio. Will is correct: They gave one to Yassar Arafat, remember? It's a "political" award, essentially. The Norwegians also gave one to Kissinger.

Seems like the award is pretty even-handed. Arafat did "try" to make peace with Israel, although he failed. This award could be a move towards world unification, and I hope that is the case.

Since Norway awards this prize, I'd suggest you not mess with them. These are Viking decedents, remember?


Tom Goering said...

Al Gore got one a couple of years ago... how hard could it really be to get one?

BostonMaggie said...

Stella!!!! Even handed? My sister dared me in the car to name worthwhile candidates in the last 25 years and I could only come up with 5. 5 out of 25. She said that's a miserable result and that I shouldn't be paying attention. That to keep paying attention was a sign of mental disease.

Boq - You may have a point. Sadly.

Mary - that is exactly my sister's point.

Wolfwalker - Next year you are in charge of distracting me.

Tom - Al Gore isn't the worst....just the most anti-climactic.

MaryR said...

Well I'm planning on weight loss, plastic surgery, and some freak new drug that takes me from 5'5" to 5'11".
So if you could just award the Miss America crown to me right now, it'll make it a lot easier on the panel later
P.S. I also win the final round of answering smart questions: I will end world hunger

Yer Marine said...

BHO is right up there with Jimmy Carter in the pantheon of US Presidents (or ex-Presidents).

I think the prerequisite is to be a spineless, wishy-washy weakling who believes in collectivism (in all its forms) and showing one's throat to the wolf in hopes of mercy.

He, Carter, and Algore can have their likenesses carved into Mount Malaise.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

How 'bout Glenn Beck, Nobel Prize for literature? I mean, if they want to be really absurd. P.S. Hey, Stella, I'm having trouble on your site. My screen keeps freezing and I can't access the comments section. The same is happening at Vig's Sozadee. Not here at Maggie's, though. Just wanted you to know that I wasn't ignoring you.

JihadGene said...

I can hear Hugo Chavez now...

BillT said...

Arafat did "try" to make peace with Israel, although he failed.

"Pull all your settlers out of Gaza, and, in return, we will only launch 60 rockets per week into Israel instead of 65. Deal?"

Yer Marine said...

Oh, but Stella, they are milquetoast watered-down girly-man descendants of the Vikings.

JihadGene said...

I'ms wants to starve people to death...therefore ending hunger!
Where's mine PooLitzer Prize?
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
Pyongyang, Califloornia 90210

Stella by Starlight said...

LOL, Yer Marine. Good one. And please don't use that "girly-man" tone with me. Remember, I'm a progressive stuck in Kah-lee-fohrn-ya. Have some pity for crissakes.

JihadGene. Were you planning to deliver Il's (pun intended) noble Nobel to him personally?

Will, I posted on your site today: the movie posts were wonderful. I think we've overloaded Swiftspeech with too many videos (which I can't watch on my current computer) and pretty pictures. We can't seem to help ourselves. Blogger can get a little glitchy at times, but I still like the ease of using the interface, although I hate the composter. Wordpress might be a good alternative.

Mary, you're officially Miss America Award. Your crown is in the mail.

Great thread. And, yes, Maggie—even handed.