Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Could Live At Work

I've said it plenty of times in the past....and this morning I proved the point again. When I work the Saturday mornings I have to be here at 9 am....hafta. So this morning the alarm went off at 8 and apparently, instead of hitting snooze, I hit off.

The next time I opened my eyes it was 8:51 am. Yikes! I rolled out of bed and tried to think. It hurt. LOL But I realized the most important thing was getting here. So I literally pulled on my most disreputable sweats (the ones with the holes) and socks and a t-shirt and slipped on a pair of clogs. I went directly to the car. Drive through at DD for tea and was here at 9:05.

I walk in the door, shut off the alarm, take the phones off forwarding and get undressed!!!! LOL I went into the ladies room. There is a hairbrush, a tootbrush, tooth paste, mouthwash, face soap, moisturizer.....everything I need. Out of my gym bag I have good looking, non-holey sweatpants and sneakers.


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