Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Stuff

At dinner tonight, Jen was telling stories of her adventures at the Plymouth Public Library. I had asked Jen to check me out a copy of "Last Stand of the TinCan Sailors". It seemed easier than trying to find which box my copy is in....yes...the bedroom still isn't finished. Jen knew it was non-fiction and she took a stab at finding it herself. When she couldn't find it, she went up to the reference desk and ask for help. The woman took the slip that Jen had the name of the book written on and wrote down the number. Looking at the number Jen realized that she had been very close, just one aisle over. Then the librarian put a hand on Jen's arm "Do you need me to go with you?" Jen replied that she would be fine and the librarian said "Catholic school?" Jen replied in the affirmative and asked if people went into the stacks never to return. The librarian said that they come back.....but often without the book.

Thank you Sister Ernestine Marie, Sr. Bernadette, Miss Ranaghan, Sr. Mary Esther! (It took a lot of nuns and even some lay teachers to keep on top of me!)

After dinner, Jen & Ed decided to have just one more glass of wine and wanted to try something different. Jen picked something from the wine list. Ed and the waiter had a discussion. When the wine arrived, Ed clearly didn't like it. She doesn't have a poker face. The waiter asked if she wanted to send it back. She demurs. He leaves. Jen tries it and says it's awful and use my water's lemon wedge to get the taste out of her mouth. One of the other waiters comes by and I flag him and say "Take this away." They bring her something else. The waiter removes her wine and Jen's wine from the bill. The last thing you'll ever catch me doing is putting something nasty in my mouth for the sake of being's ok for me to be's after midnight.

When I got home I realized that it was still very the standards of a New Englander in late October. I have several windows open. I love the little bits of Indian Summer. I feel like I am getting away with something!

I am supposed to be blogging about this morning's DOD Blogger's RoundTable with RADM Landolt. It was at 0800 this morning. I rolled out of bed, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, turned on the computer and called in wearing my favorite green silk wrapper....I don't think the admiral knew. I enjoyed the call. I always like it when I feel the person truly enjoys the subject matter. And I loved his attitude on social media.

Instead I am fooling around on Twitter, reading about net neutrality (thanks Tom) and listening to LifehouseIsn't she beautiful? There was a time when she represented the whole of my Navy experience in Boston. But now that the Navy has been kind enough to have me aboard several different types of ships....I can say that instead of being my only ship.....Old Ironsides is simply one-of-a-kind. Everyone should be as lucky as I was.

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