Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I Wasn't Just On Time....

...I was early!!!

Despite getting ourselves turned around on Lincoln Street when we tried to cut through the city, we arrived at the Chart House FIRST at 6:25 for a 6:30 dinner reservation.

Grace and Dave were six minutes later....6:31.....LATE! My brother Frank, his wife and my parents at 6:42!

Damn Big Dig! It's so funny because we all spent lots of time in this area. Especially when my mother worked for the Phone Company (back when there was just one) in the building across the street. But now everything is different as far as driving goes.

No matter - we had a fabulous dinner and lots of laughs. We liked our waitress. We ate off of each others plates. I told my Dad about my latest US Navy graft and then some other interesting tidbits I have picked up here and there. Jen laughed and said to my parents "This is what I get all day! It's like the news feed that runs across the bottom of the screen on Fox News...only with her, it's all Navy" What's her point?

When the waitress came over to Jen to asks whose birthday it was (they knew it wasn't Jen or I because we had brought the cake) Jen pointed discreetly at my Dad. The waitress said she'd be back in a minute with cake and candles. At that point Jen asked for the check and the waitress looked distressed. She said my father had already told her it was to come to him.

LOL! What a troublemaker! Trying to buy his own birthday dinner.

I said "You know what - let's just take what we would have paid for the dinner and get him a BlueRay player. He doesn't have one yet. We'll probably be able to get some movies too."

So, he got the check and he was happy. We have a work-around so we are happy.

Now I can rest up from that fabulous Konditer Meister cake - chocolate with raspberry chambord creme filling, chocolate frosting and fresh raspberries as garnish. Next cake is Sunday when we party again - this time with grandchildren.

The actual birthday is Friday, but they have standing Friday plans....lunch with my mother's brother and his wife. Probably the Warren Tavern. I wonder how I will sneak a cake down there?


Stella by Starlight said...

Who wouldn't have a fabulous dinner with you? Anyone who did would be boring and no fun to be around. Sounds like a great time. Hope dad is doing well (sounds like he is).

Since I have nowhere else to comment on this, and am too lazy to check my mail, I double-dare you. Knowing how you feel about Michael Moore, I had my reservations on posting this comment. Then, again, could I really resisit? LOL. I can promise you that Moore is more even-handed this time—he dishes out criticisms to both parties, dealing solely with greed.

OK, if you don't want to go, we're still (and always will be) friends.

BostonMaggie said...

Not even if you had a gun, a chair, duct tape and toothpicks!

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

Didn't some dude do a movie ABOUT Michael Moore? I seem to remember there being one, showed him to be somewhat of a hypocrite; treating his own employees shabbily, etc.......And, plus, there's all of that self-righteousness, too. Yuck!

BostonMaggie said...

Now that movie I saw! And I kille myself laughing!

Stella by Starlight said...

Not even if you had a gun, a chair, duct tape and toothpicks!.

Chicken! (~giggle~)

Yer Marine said...

You? EARLY? That must have been why the Earth slammed to a stop on its axis, and I saw a number of pigs fly by.....

Well done for your Dad. Savor those. They are gone before we blink.