Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There Was No Cake.....

...but there were presents!!!

I never made it below decks for the grog, but Senior Chief Twiford found me and gave me this!

Can you even imagine how swelled my head was over this!!!

Jen & SouthieBoy may have to call in re-enforcements.

I had a marvelous time. I have been aboard Old Ironsides countless times, but never when she was underway.

I was sweating the time on my drive to the Navy Yard. Can you believe....I got up at 0500 for this! As you can imagine, there is a very short list of people that I would do that for. But traffic conspired against me and I was white knuckled that last few minutes between the North End and City Square.

I dashed up to the gate and as I approached the gate, fishing out my ID, the Sailor with the clip board addressed me by name and told "You're all set"'d think I go there a lot or something!

I boarded and casually made my way to the starboard side aft (or is it aft, starboard side?). I had already decided where I wanted to be standing and I wasn't disappointed. The weather was perfect and before we started out, I got to enjoy a beautiful sunrise over USS Cassin Young.

Ok, I promise more tomorrow, but I have to go to bed now. The plan was to blog this Castle and over at the Navy Memorial. However, at the last minute I had to go do something with Frankie. I may write about it. I may not. But I am exhausted, so this and the next post with some pics is all you get tonight baby.


Tom Goering said...

Now that is cool. Congrats Maggie!

tankerbabe said...

What an incredible experience. SO glad you were there.

Benjamin Walthrop said...

Very Cool.

Boquisucio said...

I'd love to be back in Charleston, to see her again. Though I've seen her from afar many times, it has been since March of '88 since I have been on board. Way to go Mag.

Unknown said...

That's awesome Maggie!

Stella by Starlight said...

I can't think of anyone who deserves this certificate more. That's amazing piece of history you experienced. I wish I had been there with you.

Unknown said...

Great story, Maggie!