Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Roller Coaster Day

I drove into downtown Boston Thursday morning to meet @FlyNavy for coffee. Actually I had tea and his name is CDR Charlie Brown.

What a nice guy!

I know more about the Navy and public affairs than I did before. I had this idea that it was a single top down operation. Also, I was under the impression that every ship had a dedicated PAO. Of course, I also thought that the mission of all Public Affairs Officers was to amuse and inform me.

CDR Brown explained that I am not the center of the universe......but it came with a present!
I was given Vice Admiral Thomas J. Kilcline, U.S. Navy, Commander, Naval Air Forces coin. I've talked about these coins in the past. I have some from SB, I have one from Soldier's Angels, I have one from VADM McCoy. I have them from CDR Junge and CDR Bullard. They are marvelous gestures of friendship and appreciation.

So thank you Admiral for this gesture of appreciation. I know @Flynavy & @ NavyNews had to explain who I was. But if after their explanation you felt I was deserving of this, I am moved.

I hope CDR Brown enjoyed Boston as much as I enjoyed meeting him!

So then when I got to the car, I was in such a good mood, I answered the phone without thinking or looking. Dr. Miller's office.....busted. I've been ducking them. So, I talked to them for a bit. But thet didn't get me to come back in - vive le resistance! LOL

So CDR Brown was a peak......Dr. Miller's office was a nadir.....but all good roller coasters take you back up. I stopped at my parent's and there was a bag that my cousin Chrissie had dropped off.....more presents! This time from the Navy's Experimental Diving Unit. My cousin had visited there and they gave her two t-shirts and a sweatshirt for me!

So I missed most of the Twitter denial of service attack. But someone out there was nice enough to say that entertaining me on is considered fun & rewarding.... Dr. Who?

Thank you CDR Brown.........thank you VADM Kilcline.....thank you @_NEDU_ .... thank you Twitter!

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Stella by Starlight said...

I meant to ask you how you are doing. This post sounds like you are quit well. I hope that's true. You obviously had a wonderful time, and you deserve this great day. Sorry you got blindsided by Dr. Miller on such a great day.