Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Line Of The Week

Time to vote

First up - Jennifer

On our way to New Hampshire Saturday morning we were listening to talk radio and discussing local politics. The subject of Gov. Patrick's upcoming hip replacement surgery came up. It was revealed that his hip pain stems in part from an old injury he received while helping with a UN project in Darfur. My point being that I see Gov Patrick as being a guy who wants to give away my money but not his.....but in this instance, he's walked the walk.

The mention of Darfur sends Jen off on one of her rants that makes me wish I had a tape recorder handy. "Darfur! Always Darfur! What about the rest of Africa? Don't those Ethiopians still need a rice cake? Why is it always Darfur? What's so special about that one place? Darfur! Dar-six! Dar-eight! What does it matter they are all Dar-dead!"

When she does this to me I am always laughing so hard I can't defend my point.

Our next entry comes from SouthieBoy -

SB went dark a little bit ago and surfaced last night. I was sitting next to Jen when he called. He asked where I was and then asked me to hand the phone over to Jen. She told him the trials and travails she and Grace had endured coping with my giant ego all weekend. Once I got the phone back - it took two tries - I headed up the hill to my own house. As frequent readers know, Jen & SB have the quite the little mutual admiration society. They conspire against me constantly. Some nonsense about keeping ego in check.

SB asked what I had been up!
I told him about calling into Pundit Review Radio
I told him about calling into Beth Wilson's radio show "Homefront in Focus" and speaking with the MCPON
I told him I was at 900 followers on Twitter - that one gets a big eye roll from Jen & Grace
I told him that the Navy came to Boston to visit me.......ok, that's a mad exaggeration.
I told him about my new COIN!!!

Finally there was a sigh and I could hear the swig of beer happening on the other end of the line.........

"Can we conference Jennifer in on this call?"

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Stella by Starlight said...

I agree with Jen: what about the rest of Africa? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Africa an entire continent with many contries?

As I've said before, I may disagree with many, many of Bush's policies, but certainly not his efforts to aid ALL of Africa.

Good for you, Jen.