Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Meet Afghanistan's Biggest Blogger

From Foreign Policy Magazine by way of U.S. Forces - Afghanistan on Facebook (are you a fan?)

Meet Afghanistan's Biggest Blogger
How 26-year-old Nasim Fekrat helped create Afghanistan's blogosphere out of thin air.
At this point, the litany of contemporary Afghanistan's problems is well known. The country has few paved roads, let alone computers; its population is poor and illiterate; it is blighted with poverty, disease, and violence. For the past 30 years, Kabul has been under the control of radicals, strongmen, foreigners, or some combination of the three. Only rarely can the foreign reporters who describe these conditions leave the safe bubble of Kabul or the back seat of an armored vehicle. As a result, Afghanistan's people, culture, and traditions remain woefully unknown to the world, or reduced to crude stereotypes.

"People outside of Afghanistan have no idea what really exists here," a deep-voiced 26-year-old blogger named Nasim Fekrat says. "I was searching for Helmand [on the Internet] the other day. The only things that came up were about terrorists and suicide and bombs. But there is another side to Helmand, another face. There is agriculture, art, museums, culture."

On his groundbreaking blog, Afghan Lord, Fekrat hopes to tell that to the world. Writing in Farsi as well as self-taught English, he has taken it upon himself to show Afghanistan's softer, more genuine face. Until recently, he feels, this face was nearly impossible to find.

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Stella by Starlight said...

This is a wonderful post. What an accomplishment. I enjoy hearing news from the people in a country that can inform us about daily life, which connects people to each other. I'm looking forward to reading his posts.

Oh, yeah. Facebook... somewhat familiar...