Monday, August 03, 2009

Coupla Things

First - Boston is such a beautiful city. I was coming back from my sister's. My nieces took me to see "My Sister's Keeper". Yeah, this is the movie you take the cancer victim to. LOL I said that to them & for half a second they looked stricken and then we all disolved into laughter.

Anyway, I came south on the Tobin to the most breathtaking vista. The Bunker Hill Monument on my right, St. Francis further right. USS Constitution on my left, the new Boston Garden beyond. The city spread out before me like a twinkling jewel.
Next - Route 3 - driving south - which lane do you belong in?

If you are "traveling" then you should be in the center when there are 4 lanes or the right hand lane when there are 2 lanes. When you are "passing" you should be on the left.

Or put another way, if you are not the fastest moving vehicle, you should not be in the left hand lane. The left hand lane is not the "I'm headed south and I am traveling fast enough" lane. It's the "passing " lane. If someone wishes to "pass" you - LET THEM. You are not the gate keeper. You are not in charge of deciding how fast is not fast enough.

Sometimes I drive fast. Sometimes I drive slow. But no one ever, ever has to pass me on the right.

If someone *can* pass you on the right - and I don't care if think they *should* - but if someone *can pass you on the right, you are in the WRONG lane.

There, that ends Princess Crabby's public service announcement.

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