Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some People Are A Little Taken With Themselves

LOL! Not me! (This time anyway.)

I got a forwarded email today announcing a new defense blog. I am not naming the new blog on purpose because I don't believe in rewarding rude behavior.

"We all recognize what the main problem is with blogs. The barriers to entry are so low that almost anyone with a laptop can start one, and it's hard to sort out the good ones from tendentious nonsense. For every interesting, competent effort like DoD Buzz, there are dozens of ill-mannered rants masquerading as insight. To say that blogs have lowered the standards of public discourse on policy matters is an under-statement -- there are no standards. Anybody can say anything, with extra points for verbosity."

Well, speaking on behalf "tendentious nonsense" blogs....pardon me?

Why would you write such a belligerent announcement? It's like reading a birth announcement "We've seen your ugly, stupid babies and it seems that anyone with functioning genitals can procreate. We've decided to show you polluters of the gene pool how it should be done."

Their blog plan?

"We want *unnamed blog* to be an island of sanity in the chaos of the Worldwide Web."

because -

"It is a defense blog. Yes, yes, I know -- there are already hundreds of defense blogs, and many of them are pretty awful. But that's why we launched our own blog..."

Perhaps, my dear, you should start out by studying the concept of "social media". No purpose is served by poking everyone else in the eye with a stick.

But you did do a good job with the disclaimer "The blog has actually been up and running for over two weeks, and we are still tweaking features such as how the postings display and are written"

Yes....I went over and.... *yawn*.


Flag Gazer said...

So, they hold us in contempt and want us to spend time with them - idiots!

Stella by Starlight said...

...there are dozens of ill-mannered rants masquerading as insight... Certainly there are. This unnamed blog is one of them.

Yawn, indeed...

Mrs. K said...

You should have asked me before quoting me on birth announcements.

Stella by Starlight said...

I swear it's not written by liberals! Sounds more like a defensless blog... classless.

BostonMaggie said...

No, actually, they are definitely not liberal. Asshats come in all flavors!

BostonMaggie said...

Ah, Mrs.

Mrs. K said...

It is pretty much my response to all birth announcements, which as you can imagine, doesn't go over so well with the in-laws.