Monday, March 17, 2008

Just left breakfast

with Grace and Dave. Grace and I kept comparing the breakfast buffet (which was good) with Jordans, Filenes, and Woolworths when we were little. It occurs to me that Grace, Jen and I have become Mama Kelley and her sisters. That's a really good thing. I can't think of anything better. Mama and her sisters were all distinct people who loved each other deeply and supported each other completely. They were lucky to have each other and I am grateful to have the same thing with Grace and Jen.

Gambling. You know I don't. The only time I put money in slots is when I want the seat next to my mother or Jen or Grace. So, up until last night, I had gambled $15.00 and won $10.45. I was terribly upset. My parents laughed (ok, everyone laughed). Then last night after dinner, Jen was gambling and I wanted to sit next to her. We were looking to make plans for the rest of the evening. So I put a dollar in....then another dollar.....then a thing you know I have $96. something! LOL When it got back down to $48, I walked away. So, now I am up and it will stay that way.

Today will be a spa day and hopefully the Fremont thing tonight.


Army Wife said...

did you see as many hookers and trannies as I did?

BostonMaggie said...

No, but I saw stewardesses that were not nearly as attractive as you, lol!

My sister Jen was solicited and asked if she were alone and would she like "entertainment" in her room.

I missed it. She is the red M&M, I am the yellow M&M.