Friday, March 07, 2008

John Adams @ The BPL

Tonight there was a special screening at the Boston Public Library for "John Adams", the new HBO movie.

Princess Crabby was not in attendance. Humph!

Just a reminder so this doesn't happen again. Princess Crabby is well rounded. She likes chocolate and politics and chocolate and history and chocolate and Sailors. Did I forget anything? Oh yes, chocolate.

Have I mentioned it's 13 days until my birthday?


Anthony said...

So, if one were to combine all of your interests and send you a solid chocolate Jimmy Carter, how much fun would that be?

BostonMaggie said...

You are a mean mean man to remind me that Jimmy Carter was ever in the Navy. Plus I like "real" history, not the kind crazy people use to make Israel look bad.

Such an upsetting comment right before bed.....typical Army mischief. I don't know how Dana puts up with you!