Sunday, March 02, 2008

"I christen thee New York. May God bless this ship and all who sail on her."

Don't worry, Mrs. England, He will.
Navy Ship Christened ‘New York’ Symbolizes U.S. Resiliency
In the long years of this warship’s service life, she will help defend America and our allies and friends. Through (that) service, future generations will proudly honor … all of the fallen angels of 9/11,” Gen. Robert Magnus said.

“As sure as day follows the night, good follows evil,” he added. “As you’ve heard (it said), ‘If it takes those who guard the streets of heaven - and it does – to follow evil into the gates of hell, they will come from ships like New York.”

When New York is officially commissioned into the Navy’s fleet in New York City next year, it will carry with it a reminder for all future crews why it’s more than just another new ship.

On Sept. 11, 2006, Boy Scout Troop 40 from Hopewell Junction presented the Navy with a flag flown above Ground Zero.

Faded, frayed, still bearing the dust and debris from its silent watch, it was an extraordinary gift that will grace the ship forever,” said Navy Rear Adm. Charles H. Goddard, Program Executive Office, Ships. “I can think of no more fitting reminder that freedom is not free.”
BZ to everyone involved.....which by the way includes Princess Crabby's Ogre.

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Navy CPO said...

Another fine ship added to our great fleet.

Go Navy!