Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary - Bosnia - My Amusement

Of course you know I have loved every minute of Hillary stepping on her crank about Bosnia. Following a week of Obama stepping on his crank it seems as though the Heaven's are sending presents.

So far my favorite stuff has come from Jen's guy Col. David Hunt. Turns out Hunt was in Bosnia at the time. On Howie, he was "en fuego"! My sides hurt from laughing at Howie, the Col. and that callers. You can listen to it here.

However, on O'Reilly, he was serious. The thing that was most clear after watching Lanny Davis, Col. Hunt and O'Reilly is how lucky Lanny Davis is that Col. Hunt (and Jennifer) couldn't reach out and touch Mr. Davis! Also, I found out that as much as Jen loves Bill O'Reilly....she loves Col. Hunt more.

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betsy784 said...

Do you remember this? Hillary Clinton planted a question while campaigning in Iowa.

See thes videos

Now the Bosnian sniper fire controversy

Does it suggest a pattern?