Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's 2302.....Still In The Office

Yes, in true Princess Crabby fashion I am trying to wrap up a project before I leave for Vegas Thursday. When I am alone in the office (and trust me, no one else is crazy enough to be here), I like to listen to lectures and stuff on the computer. I just finished with Public Radio International's "Independent Minds - John Adams". Adams fascinates me, he is my favorite President. Although I fear he would have little use for me!

Anyway, go here and listen. Except for the fact that they wove in snippets of those ejits Deval & Fatboy reading Adams' letters, I loved it. They also used some stuff from the movie. I have been on the bubble about the casting of Giamatti, but I feel better now. He's obviously had some excellent dialect coaching. One little 'inside baseball' note.........when speaking the words "finer arts" he gets it exactly, precisely right. Most would assume that a Bostonian would say "Finah ahhhts". But they would be wrong. When you have a two word phrase and the first word ends in "r" you don't drop the "r". You chop it off and add it to the next word. So the correct pronunciation is "Finah Rahts". I know, I know....."Obscure Maggie!" But if you know me, you know obscure is my specialty...........that and Sailors.

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