Sunday, March 02, 2008

Jennifer = Chaos

Last night the plan was to work until I went to the gym.


Jen called, she needed to shop for her upcoming business trip. I thought that was fine, I'd postpone the gym until after shopping. No. There was dinner and then we watched the Fox tribute to WFB. There's a rousing Saturday night, huh?

Still it's ok, I plan to get up and be in work by 1100, work until I'm tired and go to the gym. Jen was supposed to be flying out Sunday afternoon. First hitch was Jen calling for me to drive her to work, so her car would end up in her driveway. Ok, that makes me late, but still, I have the next few days to just work and go to the gym. I get her to work, I get to work.

All set? LOL No!

Jen send a message, the trip has been pushed back til Tuesday, can I come get her in three hours?

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