Monday, October 08, 2007

What A Disaster!

Jen had to drive me home. Do you understand we are talking about a maximum distance of 600 feet? I am so carbed out I didn't think I could make it up the hill and carry the leftovers back to the boys. I am headed to bed momentarily. I popped out to check email.

Today was more food but no booze. We took them to our favorite breakfast place which was great except for the new waitress. Lot's of reaching and leaning and I could have done without that. But the chocolate chip pancakes make it worthwhile.

Then we hit the Cranberry Festival at Edaville Railroad. There weren't many crafters (it was the last day and it was rainy) and that was fine with me because I am not the crafty person. Plus, my mum wasn't up for a lot of walking. The was some girl singing under a tent and we joked about the next act being "POP!" which was a joke from last night's movie.

We watched a really good movie called "Sweet Land". There was supposed to be a game of hearts, but Mum was coaching Jen on some new crocheting thing. Did I mention I wasn't crafty?
We finished off the night with Prison Break and a pizza. She swears we will be good tomorrow. LOL We swear a lot! But seriously, I have a new motivation. Next summer there will be something special for SB and I have to look devastating. I have eight or nine months. If this weekend is the end of carb binging for a while, I should be able to do it. I love the new gym and it couldn't be closer to work.

I bought myself a consolation prize.........
What? You didn't think I'd buy something crafty, didja? I bought something for Grace and something for Jen and something for Deb. I thought I was getting something for my Mum, but upon closer inspection, I passed. Of course, she could care less. LOL My parents are at that stage where when they want something, they just go get it. There is no wish list. Oh well.


Trias said...

600 feet huh. Sounds like the Aussie tradition of driving to your neighbours.

Good to hear you've found a nice gym. You were doing this for a while already?

BostonMaggie said...

Yeah....I do this all the time! I go on the diet, I join the gym.......I fall off the wagon. The last time I lost a serious amount of weight, the favorite Naval consort was in the ME. He'w headed there again. If this works, I may have to make him stay in the ME! LOL