Thursday, October 04, 2007

Paul Cahill and Warren Payne are HEROES!

Paul Cahill, Warren Payne and every Boston firefighter that puts his life on the line is a hero.

Anyone who wants to say differently can meet me down Montego Bay tonight or the dark alley of your choosing.

Bear in mind, you will be crawling out.....if you are lucky.

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Christopher King said...

I posted previously on the matter of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay. We disagree somewhat on that one, but not so much on this one.

As to the investigation, here are some relevant comments from someone in the know. I just interviewed this individual and he's about as earnest as could be.


".....while it is obviously improper to be drunk on the job (Cahill), and while trace amounts of marijuana and cocaine were in Payne's body, there's no causal connection between those facts and their deaths.

Hint: In the first picture, that's a flashfire caught at that exact moment that Firefighter Payne died. Read the comments for more on this.

So this means the city needs to shell out for all of the benefits owed to the families, and meanwhile that doesn't excuse the lack of a contract between the city and the firefighters' union for more than a year, either. That having been said, if there is substance abuse occurring on the job then that most certainly DOES need to be addressed, but the current policy is woefully inadequate, as noted in the comments."