Monday, October 01, 2007

A "Maggie" Story!

So, Saturday was a picture perfect day here in New England. It was warm and sunny....not a cloud in the sky. I had the day off and a few options. I chose lunch on the Cape with my sisters. The drive down was easier than one could hope for, very light traffic and I was there in half the time suggested by Google. So I was crazy early. Terribly unusual for me. People who know me are rolling their eyes right now. Did you ever have a friend who was tardy soooooooo often that you lie to them about when they need to be somewhere? I am that friend. My alarm clock is wound forward, people are always calling "You won't be late, will you?". I drive my father mad!
It turns out that this was one of those days for my sisters. They have told me 1:15 or so when they mean 1:45. Then, they have a delay........
So, let's review, I'm early........I have been misled......they have been delayed. Result? Time on my hands.
Normally I am prepared for this, but it was really too beautiful to sit in my car and read. What to do? Well, how about a little recon? I figured I'd check out this place, since I'd never been there before. It's really is lovely, right on the harbor.
What do I spy? A dozen guys in desert camis.......they get closer...... How did they know I needed to be entertained? LOL Of course I start talking to them.
I told Jen and Grace later when they got there that I had talked to them. That was met with a look of disbelief, then much laughter. Jen said "Well, she has been talking to strangers her whole life!"
So, let me take this opportunity to thank the Department of Defense for providing me with some entertainment!


Trias said...

Maggie's tactical positioning works out huh. Nice to see you had fun.

SK said...

What an awesome way to spend free time :) Good for you Maggie!!

Barb said...

Only you, Maggie! Way to go, girl :-)