Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Maggie :
There are less than 30 hours left in the campaign and I need your help NOW! Sign up to volunteer by calling my HQ at (978) 269-5080 or by emailing Peter Towey at
Before this weekend, we all knew that Niki Tsongas supported amnesty for illegals and in-state tuition for illegals, but I can't tell you how surprised I was to learn from the Boston Herald on Sunday morning that Niki supports giving driver's licenses to illegals.
I strongly oppose giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants - it makes it too easy for them to board our planes or gain access to our financial institutions. That's why my campaign is now airing a new Radio Advertisement - "Illegal Immigrants," which you can listen to by going to my blog.
I believe that true immigration reform does not include giving amnesty, in-state tuition or driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. As the descendant of legal immigrants, I believe we must reafirm our legal pathways to citizenship, secure our borders, and enforce the existing immigration laws.
GET THE WORD OUT! Tell the people of the 5th District that you don't want to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. Let people know the truth by calling in to radio shows and talking to your friends:
Call WRKO-AM 680 at (617) 266-6868
Call WTKK-FM 96.9 at (617)822-1969
To Learn More about Niki's radical positions on Immigration, check out these sources:
Red State
The Boston Herald
The Everyday Republican
I will be pounding the pavement over the next day to get out the vote. I ask you to join me and my team. Call our HQ at (978) 269-5080 or email and sign up to volunteer. Whether it's knocking on doors or making phone calls, every voter you contact can make a difference. If you have a few minutes, please read this story about the final push I am making to get out every last vote.

Jim Ogonowski

Just the Facts...

NIKI SUPPORTS GIVING DRIVERS LICENSES FOR ILLEGALS: “Immigration: supports driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants and a ‘path to citizenship’ for illegal immigrants.” (“5th District Candidates All Fired Up”, The Boston Herald, 10/14/07)

NIKI SUPPORTS GIVING IN-STATE TUITION TO ILLEGALS: “Ogonowski said he opposes in-state tuition rates for children of illegal immigrants - something the Legislature failed to pass last year. Tsongas, a dean at Middlesex Community College, said making school affordable would help those children become productive taxpayers.” (“Bush’s health care veto, Iraq war dominate 5th District debate.”, Eagle-Tribune, 10/6/07)
Video on YouTube of Niki On NECN - Says We Are “Punishing American Citizens.”

NIKI SUPPORTS THE BUSH AMNESTY PLAN: “Tsongas favors a plan similar to one endorsed by Bush, which would include allowing undocumented immigrants in the country to earn citizenship” (“Fifth District candidates stuff mailboxes as election looms”, The Boston Globe, 10/11/07)

NIKI WON’T HOWEVER, SUPPORT CALLING IT LIKE IT IS! REFUSES TO REFER TO LAWBREAKERS AS “ILLEGAL” PREFERS “UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS” AND “FAMILY”: “Speaking about immigration this week with WBZ radio host Dan Rea, Democratic congressional hopeful Niki Tsongas reinforced her illegal-coddling platform. During the segment, Tsongas defended using the term ‘undocumented workers’ to describe illegal immigrants. Pressed by Rea as to what she considers an illegal who doesn’t work, she responded: ‘family.’ And as everyone knows, family comes first.” (“Pols & Politics”, The Boston Herald, 10/14/07)
Video on YouTube: Undocumented Non-Workers Are “Family”
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