Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Tuesday Night

I worked late. I love when everyone leaves and I can really focus. Loud music. No phones. No questions.
After work I headed over to the gym. I love this new gym. I popped on the treadmill and turned on CSpan. Guess who was on? My bad boyfriend. I smiled the whole time.
Then it was into the yoga room where I breathed in the good energy and exhaled the bad. Well.........at least until I had to stop because I had a terrific charlie horse in the arch of my foot. LOL
Now I am home and I am going to eat my cheeseburger (sans roll) and watch "Desperate Housewives". MMMMMM decadence.........
Laundry is rolling. Dishes are washed. I feel pretty virtuous. Of course, I've been good before, as Trias reminds me in the comments here.
600 feet huh. Sounds like the Aussie tradition of driving to your neighbours.Good to hear you've found a nice gym. You were doing this for a while already?
My answer?
Yeah....I do this all the time! I go on the diet, I join the gym.......I fall off the wagon. The last time I lost a serious amount of weight, the favorite Naval consort was in the ME. He's headed there again. If this works, I may have to make him stay in the ME! LOL

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