Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Who I Blame for Deval

Deval was just in the right place at the right time. He got into office riding a platform of fuzzy feelings and platitudes. No one questioned him seriously. No one focused the spotlight on him. For that I blame several people.
First......Mitt. Don't get me wrong, I liked Mitt. I still do. I voted for Mitt. I was at the state convention that amounted to his coronation. At the time there was a race for Lt. Governor. I backed Jim Rappaport. Mitt didn't want Jim. It wasn't enough for us to nominate Mitt for governor, he wanted us to let him pick the Lt. Governor. The party wanted him so badly, they gave him his way. We were wrong to let him pick the weaker candidate. I like Kerry and I think she would have made a fine governor, but Jim could have won. For one thing, he wouldn't have had to deal with the "he's not *warm* enough" nonsense. No one would have called Jim shrill even if the exact same words had come out of his mouth as came out of Kerry's. It's not right, it's not ideal, but the fact is Kerry was not as strong a candidate because women are judged differently. I heard too many people talk about her *cold* personality. It's ridiculous, but it lost her some votes. People agreed with her stands on taxes and illegal immigration, but wouldn't vote for her. It wouldn't have happened to Jim. However, Mitt couldn't handle the competition. So that's the first problem, not considering future races.
Next.....fuckin' Christie Mihos. I know the arguement here. Even if Kerry got all Christie's votes (and she wouldn't have, they would have split 60%to Kerry and 40% to Deval) she wouldn't have won. That's not my point. Christie kept the spotlight on Kerry and Deval coasted along like Darth Vader. Christie functioned largely as Deval's hatchet man. I have no words.
Next.......voters who are new to voting or new to Massachusetts politics. I *remember* Mike Dukakis. Someday, they will understand those words.
Lastly.....the ignorance of the voting public. Most people who thought Deval was great with his "Together we can" shit have no idea how Massachusetts politics works. Deval didn't win last night..........Travaglini won last night.......DiMasi won last night.

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