Monday, November 20, 2006

Saturday Night.....

......was a huge success!!!!! Everyone, especially Jennifer had an excellent time. We started with dinner at the Warren Tavern and a birthday cake from Lyndell's Bakery. Jennifer's favorite cookie is the almond disk. I expected 20 people for dinner, so when ordering the cake I opted for the one that would feed 24 to 30 the word you are looking for "overblown"? LOL Then I asked that they decorate it with almond disks. It took a a few tries to convince them I was serious. It was a big, heavy cake surrounded and topped with two dozen almond disks. Jennifer loved it!! After dinner and drinks we decamped, via 3 cabs, to a dive in Somerville where we just took over. We commandeered several tables between the dance floor and the bathroom. It was perfect. We had fun until closing. Several of us had rooms at the Constitution Inn in the Navy Yard.

I actually managed to get up for CCD!! I impressed myself! On the way back I stopped at the supermarket for bottled water, and muffins. Then it was on to Dunkin' for coffee, tea and bagels. There was no late checkout, so we breakfasted in the middle of the lobby.

When everyone was gone except Jen & I we went wandering around the Navy Yard. A trip through the USS Constitution Museum revealed many interesting things. Not the least of which was that Patrick Otton had certain facts wrong about the 1992-1995 renovation. The knees of the ship were never made of southern live oak, they were made from white oak, so the restoration was historically accurate. Mr. Otton stated that they were white oak despite his best efforts to secure southern live oak from private citizens and mayors of small towns down south. I knew that story was fishy, it's well known that the US Navy maintains the largest tract of southern live oak.

Jen and I laughed every time we passed a plaque attributing a contribution or loan from the Naval Historical Center. Mr. Otton asserted that the US Navy "doesn't care about history, they only care about fighting wars". Yeah, right.

After that we crashed Grace's afternoon plans armed with pizza from Polcari's. They wouldn't go with me to see "The Green Square Mile", so I told them that they had to buy it for me.

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