Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tonight's Lecture....

... should be a little safer than some I have recently been to. I wager there will be no protesters, lol. Jen is still harrassing me for being slow on the draw to speak up Monday night when that nutjob started yelling at Bill Kristol. I did eventually speak up, but Jen was zinging him right off the bat. She was laughing saying he wasn't even "her guy", that I was the fan and obviously not enough of one! She said if it had been Bill O'Reilly or Col Hunt who was under attack there would have been fisticuffs! She had us crying laughing about how she would have been tackling wingnuts and rolling around on the floor if someone tried to attack Col. Hunt.

Tonight's subject at the Harvard Coop is much more tame.

Discussion with Joseph Garver
In Surveying the Shore: Historic Maps of Coastal Massachusetts, 1600-1930, cartographic historian Joseph G. Garver shows how the beautiful and highly varied maps of Massachusetts have reflected these historic changes. This large-format, full-color book contains 90 historic maps each a work of art in itself. The maps are accompanied by a fascinating text about both the development of the mapmaker's art and the history of Massachusetts.

I want to get an autographed copy for Tommy and bring it with me this weekend to Virginia. My son, my son will turn 25 on Saturday. I don't know how this happened....I am far to young and beautiful too have a 25 year old son!

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SK said...

"I am far to young and beautiful to have a 25 year old son!"

Well damn Maggie!! And yes, you are:)