Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a Great Day!

The weather in Boston was more than one could ask for in November. Sunny and warm and breezy. We appreciate this sort of day in a way people in more temperate zones never will because they are not looking down the barrel of hurricanes and snow squalls and frigid rain and howling winds.

The Charlestown Navy Yard is a beautiful place in any weather, but it was breathtaking today. It was just a pleasure to walk through on the way to the Charlestown Historical Society's event on the World War II experiences of Townies. When I was young I thought my grandfather's family had the greatest number of brothers serving from the town. Turns out they shared that honor with two other families. There were displays for every branch of the service, every major battle and descriptions of which Townies had served where. They also had people who re-enact WWII and plenty of period artifacts. I met some cousins on my way in and my mother, Grace, Debbie and my Uncle Jim joined me there. I really enjoyed myself.

On the way out there was a motorcade coming in.........don't know who it was, the Ranger wouldn't give, lol.

Before I left for the evening, I was teasing Frankie that I was going to stay with him for the night (what 18 year old doesn't want to spend Saturday night with their Mum?). Finally he said "Can't you go get lectured somewhere?", lol.

Later on I went to the wedding of my bosses' daughter. A really lovely affair at Waverly Oaks. Chocolate fountain! MMMMMM Now I'm home and ready to settle in when I notice the AMC movie is "The Enemy Below". I love Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.....AMC hauls out all the good stuff! The first time I ever watched this movie was with my Dad. He used to lie on his side on the couch, bending his legs at the knee, making this hole for me to sit in. I watched countless movies from that vantage point, listening to my father's commentary, some snack being shared.....just a really happy memory. This movie is about a "tincan" playing cat-n-mouse with a UBoat in the North Atlantic during you know it was a favorite! My father would have been pointing out all the comparisons to his own destroyer.

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