Friday, November 10, 2006

3rd ID "Rock Of The Marne"!!!

Tonight I met a soldier from the 3rd ID. How funny is that!!!

Jen and I were at East Bay for dinner and we were hanging with people from work and some friends. Kelly, who is young and beautiful points out this young soldier and pronounces him cute. We all look over and discuss him. I was ready to send over a beer and have him join us. Just as I was calling over Keith, our bartender, Bette says she spoke with him earlier and he has some hot and heavy romance going with a girl who he is taking to dinner Saturday. So we forget about him. Later, after many of our friends have left (including Kelly), he comes over and starts talking to Jen, Bette and I. He introduces himself, we introduce ourselves. Jen asks where he is from. He replies Georgia. I ask, Fort Stewart? He says no, Fort Benning. I say too bad, I thought he was with the 3rd ID. He looks startled and says, yes he is. I laugh and say, So you work for my favorite army guy Major General Rick Lynch!!!!!! Rock of the Marne!!!! He laughs and high fives me. Jen is laughing at us both. This is the only army slogan I know, The 3rd ID is the only Army stuff I know. What a crazy coincidence. He asks how I know MG Lynch and I explain I don't, he's just my favorite Army guy...the way some people have a favorite singer or movie star.

So we move onto his personal life, girlfriend!!!! Bette had mixed him up with someone else! LOL, we tell him about Kelly and almost calling him over and he knew just who we were talking about because he describes her and declares her to be HOT! He is rocked back on his heels to know he has missed out on meeting her. So Jen took his email and we will make sure they get together before he heads south again.

Jen and I taking care of the soldier at a time.

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