Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Weekend

After work yesterday, I headed down to Jen's to bundle up on the couch (she keeps the heat at 61, I'm not kidding). We decided to watch some of the episodes of "The Battle for Rome" that she has been recording off of the Discovery Channel. One of the previews showed Hannibal and his elephants. She turns to me and asks "How did they make the elephants go where they wanted?" I stared at her, incredulous! We burst out laughing and I answered "Well back when I was wrangling elephants on the farm....". More laughing. "How the hell would I know! That's why we watch the Discovery Channel" She still thinks it's a legitamate question to ask of me because they were riding them into battle. Anyway, so far we are not impressed. We like the way the History Channel does these things. There was too much acting and not enough history. Not enough 'both sides of the story' analysis. The hour on Nero started off just after the burning of Rome with no background on his mother and dwelt a little too much on the lurid aspects of his madness. Kind of a Lifetime version of Nero's life. But we have several episodes to go, maybe it gets better. We also have them recorded out of order, Nero's episode was before Tiberius.

This morning despite my plan to go to work, I ended up heading to breakfast with Jennifer and running errands. I have to wrap the favors for our family's Christmas party in two week, so we ended up in Michael's. I was waaaayyyyy out of my element. I am the least crafty person you will ever meet. People thought it was strange that I liked Martha Stewart but she could show even people like me how to do things. I like the end results. Anyway, we had breakfast at the favorite pancake place and the people at the next table were discussing someplace they were meeting friends. The Ansel Gurney House. They talked about it so much, we looked it up online. I think it will be a good place to incorporate on Girl's Weekend next fall. Jen and I were discussing the lack of focus on China and how she doesn't understand why they hate us. She understands why the Muslims hate us. I was explaining about a really interesting article that the Atlantic published on North Korea and the tensions in that region. Bottom line, we have to win the lottery so we can spend everyday reading and taking classes and attending lectures. We are going to start adding horticultural things too. Jen wants to learn more about her roses and stuff in her yard. I used to be more into that before my yard became a teen hangout. Now I'm happy when there's a parking spot for me and they pick up the trash. Maybe in a few years I can resurrect the garden.

Frankie came down to weedwhack around the rose bushes and Bill put down her winterizer. It was a total hit-and-run visit, they left Andrea in the car, with the car running. I love my boys.

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