Friday, August 04, 2006

It's My Turn

I'm supposed to blog about what I am doing during my 24 hours. So, to start with....I am going to go to sleep. I have just come home from the Melissa Etheridge concert. My ears are ringing, my feet hurt and voice is hoarse. It was a blast!!!!!

Update 0909: This was my comment at Tanker Brothers:
Ok, I'm awake. I didn't really prepare for today. Last night my friend Trish and I stopped for appetizers and drinks (mmmm Limoncello slushy things!) before the Melissa Etheridge concert, intending to eat a full meal afterwards. My plans rarely survive contact with reality. Etheridge performed for nearly three hours and by the time we got anywhere, everything was closed. No matter!
I was happy.

Once I got home I threw a quick post up announcing today was my day because it was after midnight.

I will shower and head for work and you will just have to trust me for the next 12 hours or so because there is no Internet there. We recently moved the office one town over and we are being wired for high speed (faster the DSL, woohoo) next week. The only thing I have in the office are Atkins shakes (yuck!). I don't drink coffee.

Don't worry the girls in the office know about this and (even though, I am the office supervisor and should be able to brutally crush bosses don't believe in corporal punishment) they will rat me out in my blog, should I slip!

After work, I will head to the gym. I have just under two weeks before heading to New Orleans on vacation and I don't want to look like a sausage in my outfits!

I will post after the gym.

I wish I had my Tshirt for today, but I got Melissa's email (good job Melissa, you rock!) and it will be a few more days.

I don't drink coffee as stated above. I don't drink beer or wine. So I will need someone to meet me after the gym, run the blender and make me more slushy vodka drinks. Send him to my sister Jen's house around 2100 hours, she has a beautiful 2nd floor deck right on the Atlantic. Tonight will be beautiful, this rain is supposed to clear up by then. Now, no offense, I love you guys, but you are make sure he's at least about your CO?

Update 0843: Cross posted over at Tanker Brothers

Piece of cake! One Atkins shake, one Coke, several bottles of water. Shirked on the gym, stayed late at work. Today was the usual chaos. Somehow, it's always chaos around me. How does that happen? Hmmmmm

I'm at Jen's...where's that "blender boy"?

Three hours and eighteen minutes to go.

"Eat this, Cindy!" LOL Yeah.


SK said...

Good luck Maggie!!! I hope they deliver on the CO:)

karla (threadbndr) said...

Maggie, if they are providing senior personnel to act as cabana boyz, I want to put my order in for the 22nd of this month - one 45 to 50ish retired (or about to be) Marine, please. *smirk*

(Best of luck, today)

John of Argghhh! said...

Melissa Etheridge - Leavenworth High School's most famous graduate!

At least until/if Wayne Simien makes it big in pro-basketball...

Trias said...

Go Maggie :)