Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I Remember.......

.....life before SouthieBoy. It was very cold. I would never want to go back to that. I am grateful for him and how he feels about me every damn day. He has never disappointed me and he always exceeds my expectations. I am never lonely.

He knew something was bothering me today, so he called. In the middle of the day. Which is very difficult for him.

Me: X Company, Maggie speaking.
SB: Hey there.
Me: Hi
SB: How are you?
Me: Fabulous (it was a little shaky)
SB: You need to get this biography.
Me: Really?
SB: Yeah, George Washington
Me: Ok
Me: Did you call to tell me things?
SB: Can't say.
Me: I know and I know they are all true.
SB: Yes
SB: I have to go.
Me: OK
SB: Bye
Me: Bye

You are a gift.

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FbL said...

Very sweet. :)