Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flag Burning In The Classroom

This from Drudge.

A Stuart Middle School teacher has been removed from the classroom after he burned two American flags in class during a lesson on freedom of speech, Jefferson County Public Schools officials said. Dan Holden, who teaches seventh-grade social studies, burned small flags in two different classes Friday and asked students to write an opinion paper about it, district spokeswoman Lauren Roberts said. A teacher in the school district since 1979, Holden has been temporarily reassigned to non-instructional duties pending a district investigation. The district also alerted city fire officials, who are conducting their own investigation.

Ok, the parents got upset, so the school

"Certainly we're concerned about the safety aspect," Roberts said, along with "the judgment of using that type of demonstration in a class."
Stop! No one is worried about fire safety!
Stuart sixth-grader Kelsey Adwell, 11, said students were abuzz about
the incident yesterday.

Excellent! I want teachers to do things to spark discussion. He didn't tell them it was good. He didn't tell them it was bad. He said "Go home and talk about it." Read the whole article here.


Trias said...

I would hate to be a teacher these days. The liberals bash you the conservatives bash you and everyone is waiting for you to be a pedo.

Dbie said...

I read about that on Drudge this morning too. If he had burned the flags in a safe manner, I really have no problem with his presentation.

Seeing your country's flag burned evokes many emotions. I'm more interested in the essays than the action, myself. I love the way he did it- without expressing any of his own feelings about either the legality of flag burning or the emotional response people have to it.

I hope he gets his job back, and I really would like to know what the kids wrote. Trias is right- being a teacher these days is a tough act, and you get paid shit to do it too.